Pam & TOMMY in the 1990s

Back in the ’90s, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had one of the most high-profile celebrity marriages thanks in part to their groundbreaking sex tape. 

But even before the tape was stolen from their home by a disgruntled electrician and leaked online the sex symbol and rock star were making headlines.

Here’s a look back at the tumultuous relationship.

After his divorce from actress Heather Locklear in 1993, Tommy met Pam at a New Year’s Eve party in 1994 at a club on Sunset Strip called Sanctuary. 

Pam and Tommy

Pam told Movieline Magazine in 1995, “He came up, grabbed me and licked my face.  I thought he was a cool, friendly, nice guy. I gave him my number.”

It took a while before their first date, but the Motley Crue rocker eventually showed up in Cancun, Mexico where Pam was on a photo shoot.  96 hours the pair got married on the beach.  

Pam and Tommy

While on their honeymoon Pam and Tommy made a sex tape and took X-rated Polaroids which they stored away in a safe at their home.

The video was stolen by the couple’s former electrician, Rand Gauthier who sold it to Internet Entertainment Group, a video distribution company who leaked it online.

Pam and Tommy took action by filing a $10 million lawsuit against Internet Entertainment Group and following a confidential settlement the company then made the video for sale on its website again. 

Pam and Tommy have said they were tricked into believing the video would only be made available as a onetime thing. 

Pam and Tommy

“Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon” generated over $77 million dollars in sales revenue and kicked off the celebrity sex tape craze which included leaked tapes of Paris Hilton, as well as Kim Kardashian. 

While the legal battle was consuming their marriage, Pam and Tommy had two sons, Brandon in June 1996 and Dylan in December 1997. 

Pam and Tommy

In February 1998 the three year marriage fell apart after a physical altercation at their home.  Pam filed for divorce and a few months later Tommy was sentenced to six months in jail for felony spousal battery after pleading no contest. 

The couple reunited for a short time in 2008 and not surprisingly it didn’t last.  But good news for fans of the couple, their turbulent love story is being turned into a limited series on Hulu.  Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy” will star Lily James and Sebastian Stan as the star-crossed couple. Shooting is scheduled to begin this spring.  Seth Rogan will play the disgruntled electrician who stole the sex tape. 

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